Following is a list of the works of art about which you can find information on this site. It is a very small selection made from the hundreds of possibilities in the city. These particular pieces were chosen sometimes because of location, sometimes because of theme or content, with an eye towards pieces that could be combined into cohesive field trips.

This list gives you only the titles and general location of the pieces. For more detailed information, click on a title.

Upper West Side
  Rolling Bench, by Pedro Silva
Three-Way Piece: Points, by Henry Moore
Flight, by Gertrude Schweitzer
Life Force, by David Bakalar
Tightrope Walker, by Kees Verkade
Peace Fountain, by Greg Wyatt
Joan of Arc, by Anna Vaughn Hyatt Huntington
Eleanor Roosevelt, by Penelope Jencks

Central Park
  Still Hunt, by Edward Kemeys
Delacorte Clock, by Fernando Texidor and Andrea Spadini
Mother Goose, by Frederick George Richard Roth
Balto, by Frederick George Richard Roth

South of Central Park
  General William Tecumseh Sherman, by Augustus Saint-Gaudens
Pulitzer Fountain, by Thomas Hastings and Karl Bitter

Midtown East
  Non-Violence, by Carl Fredrik Reutersward
Good Defeats Evil, by Zurab Tsereteli

Downtown East
  Red Cube, by Isamu Noguchi
Sunken Garden, by Isamu Noguchi
Group of Four Trees, by Jean Dubuffet

Battery Park and surrounding area
  The Four Continents, by Daniel Chester French
The Immigrants, by Luis Sanguino
The Statue of Liberty, by Frederic-Auguste Barthold



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